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little bit about me

I started writing code probably when I was 10. For some reason instead of getting NES or PS, I’ve got Sinclair ZX for New Year Eve from my parents and after a while I got really excited with what you can get, writing just few lines of code.I played and hacked with a lot of stuff over the years including prolog, lisp, c , turbo pascal, delphi, basic, bash, javascript, vb, vbscriptI truly love javascript and really like where it is right now, 20 years after I first discovered it.I used to mainly work on three platforms.net (c#, iis, asp.net, sql server, wcf etc) MEAN stack (javascript, node.js, express.js, mongo, angular.js) Python (flask, web.py) After trying and playing with number of client-side frameworks, I was sticking with angular.js for years, but react hype won. I wish svelte become more mainstream.Five years ago I moved to San Francisco and joined Instacart. Now my tool belt includes Ruby and RoR, Python, React, PostgreSQL, Redis and few other things.Back in the days I’ve got MSPD .net 4.0 Web Developer certification (MCTS WCF 4.0, ADO.NET 4.0, ASP.NET 4.0). I am trying to pickup new language every year. in 2018 it was Kotlin, and Swift in 2019.My story with JS started with IE6 and client side calculators for totaling clients expenses on pre-print media, that was quite long time ago, when there was no AJAX buzz word. I moved to jquery, RICO, prototype and back to jquery, and was using mostly it since version 1.2. Also I was using ASP.NET AJAX for almost 10 years and find it to be quite under-valued framework.I’m collecting 30 lines or less javascript examples, feel free to add yours http://30lines.infoIn my free time I am sketching, traveling, reading books and very irregulary attend music events. Also I am trying to get back to electronics, but I have not really done much since my colledge.I am trying to answer questions on Stack Overflow but don’t have a lot of time for that lately.